Below is my order for 2 All-America Certificates and a Patch. I realize that Certificates are not printed until checks are received and deposited by KAI.

Certificates and Patches are immediately available for all KAI~Sports.

Would you like to order Individual Player Awards?

Yes, Order info below, Check for $30.00 for each player enclosed. If no, hit 'Back button' to return.

Tell us specifics to put on your certificates:

  • Name
    High School or City
    Player Position or Event (Attacker, Goalkeeper, Long Board, etc.)
    Aquatic Sport (Ocean Swimming, Surfing, Water Polo)
    Award (First Team, Honorable Mention, etc.)
    School Year (use School Year, unless Fall or Spring)
    Sex of Athlete Girl            Boy
    Mailing Address to send to:



    Zip Code:


    Email, for confirmation


    (We will let you know we got it!)

  • Send a check made out to:  K.A.I.  to the below address:

                            Kai~Cal-HI All-America

                            535 Bungalow Drive

                            El Segundo, CA  90245

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