Outrigger Canoe Paddle Team special - Kai~Sports Cal-HI All-America Certificates:

Yes, Order info below, check for $120.00 minimum enclosed per team/per year.
                       Note that this is $10 off per person, i.e., $20 each in lieu of individual $30;
             Total Team amount is $20.00 per Paddler.
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Tell us specifics to put on the certificates for your HS or Club winners:

High School or Club Team Name

Paddler Name 1
Paddler Name 2
Paddler Name 3
Paddler Name 4
Paddler Name 5
Paddler Name 6
1st Alternate Paddler
2nd Alternate Paddler
3rd Alternate Paddler
4th Alternate Paddler
Mailing Address to send to:



Zip Code:


Email, just in case


The Outrigger Racing Team will receive 1 certificate and patch for each paddler, plus 2 extra certificates for the coach/wall of fame.

Mail this form and check for your Team Amount based on number of Paddlers to K.A.I. at the below address:

   Kai~Sports All-America

       535 Bungalow Drive

   El Segundo, CA  90245

Print this page by selecting "File:Print Preview" in browser, then Print;  mail with your check to the above address.

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