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All-League Teams as selected by the Head Coaches

Congratulations to the most recent selections!

Bay League                                                                    Ocean League

Most Valuable Players and

Most Outstanding Players

All-League Team School Year All-League Team

Most Valuable Players and

Most Outstanding Players

Kaitlyn Harris, 12, RUHS, Co-MVP

Sophie Maguy, 12, RUHS, Co-MVP


Shanna Stevenson, 12, SMHS, MVP

Jenna Olson, 10, ESHS, MOP

Kaylee Brownsberger, 12, MCHS, MVP

(GK) Kiersten Hazard, 11, PVPHS, MOP

All-Bay Team 2015-2016 All-Ocean Team

Olivia Allen, 12, SMHS, MVP

(GK) Layla Chamberlin, 12, ESHS, MOP

Natalie Hill, 12, PVPHS, MVP



(GK) Sierra Kelly, 12, SMHS, MVP

(GK) Layla Chamberlin, 11, ESHS, MOP

Jordan Rainey, 12, MCHS, MVP



xxx, SMHS, MVP

xxx, xxHS, MOP

Ellie D'Ambra, 12, PVHS, Co-MVP

Jordan Rainey, 11, MCHS, Co-MVP

All-Bay Team 2012-2013 All-Ocean Team

Ruth Basurto, CCHS, Co-MVP

Jessie Espera, SMHS, Co-MVP

Ellie D'Ambra, 11, PVHS, Co-MVP

Natalie Lavinsky, 12, MCHS, Co-MVP


(GK) Hayden Green, 12, ESHS, MVP


Paige Kelly, 12, PVHS, Co-MVP

Marissa Purcell, 12, MCHS, Co-MVP


Colette Gulick, 12, ESHS, MVP


Molly McBee, 12, PVHS, Co-MVP

Colleen O'Donnell, 12, PVHS, Co-MVP


Colette Gulick, 11, ESHS, MVP


Molly McBee, 11, PVHS, Co-MVP

Colleen O'Donnell, 11, PVHS, Co-MVP


Hope Clement, 11, SMHS, MVP


Rachael Robinson, 12, PVHS, MVP



Elle Quane, 12, ESHS, MVP


Lexi Neste, 12, MCHS, Co-MVP

Suzanne Robinson, 12, PVHS, Co-MVP


Coral Kemp, 12, ESHS, MVP


Shauna Letvin, 12, MCHS, MVP



Coral Kemp, 11, ESHS, MVP


Tekla Beckmann, 11, PVPHS, MVP



(GK) Markayla Quane, 12, ESHS, MVP


Natalie Kim, 12, PVPHS, MVP



Jennifer Boeckmann, 12, THS, MVP


Sarah Samantilla, 12, SMHS, MVP

Alissa Volosin, 12, ESHS, MOP




These Lists are captured for your benefit of needing a one-stop shop for MVP data and artifacts since inception of the current-day High School Girls Water Polo Leagues in the South Bay. If you wish to add or correct data, please feel free to email kaipolo@gmail.com

Also, please note that Girls High School Water Polo started in the South Bay with a hand full of High Schools adding Varsity and Junior Varsity in 1996-1997 Season. For the first Six years, Classes of '97, '98, '99, '00, '01, and '02, Santa Monica High School Reigned as the Champion of the South Bay High School Athletic Association single League for girls water polo. Sarah Samantilla of SaMoHi was the MVP three years running -- the final two years of the combined SB League and the first official year of the Bay League. For the first two years of the current two-league structure, each League was based generally on school size and experience, with the Bay being the more senior league. Then, for the '04-'05 season to present, the re-leaguing has pretty much been generally by region, with Bay to the south and Peninsula and Ocean to the north and Beverly.