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Southwest Conference (SW) or Rocky Mountain Conference (RM) as shown:

Roster Conf. Team Photo School Year CICs & Team Captains Overall Record Regular Season, (Conf. or Rank) Conference Championship, (Rank) Nationl Collegiate Club Championship, (NCCC Rank) OICs and Coaches US Nationals or Regionals, (Rank)
RM 2016-2017   9-2 7-1 (1st-T) 2-1 (2nd) ---

Lt Col Tracie Martin

RM 2015-2016   4-7 3-5 1-2 (3rd)  

Lt Col Tracie Martin

RM 2014-2015   0-9 0-6 0-3  

Maj Colleen Galloway

SW 2013-2014   4-7 2-6 2-1 (5th)  

Capt Monica Herrera

SW 2012-2013   2-9 1-7 1-2 (6th)  

Capt Monica Herrera

SW 2011-2012   4-6 4-3 0-3  

Capt Christopher Patterson

SW 2010-2011   3-8 1-7 2-1 (5th)      
SW 2009-2010 C1C Christina Ricci 6-5 5-3 (3rd) 1-2 (4th)      
SW 2008-2009 C1C Ariella Walker 6-6 3-5 3-1 (2nd) ---    
SW 2007-2008              
SW 2006-2007

C1C Monica Herrera,

C1C Kamille Kemp

    3-1 (3rd)      
SW 2005-2006

C1C April,

C1C Heidi

    3-1 (2nd) ---

Lt Col (Ret) Jeff Heidmous

SW 2004-2005

C1C Lauren Baize,

    4-0 (1st) 2-2 (7th)

Mr Gregg Fambrough

SW 2003-2004

C1C Corey Ehrlich,

C1C Lindsay Schaeffer

    3-1 (3rd)  

Mr Jeff Ehrlich

SW 2002-2003          

Mr Jeff Ehrlich

SW 2001-2002          

Mr Jeff Ehrlich

SW 2000-2001          

Mr Jeff Ehrlich

  1987-???? did not compete            
RM 1986-1987

C1C Nicole Berry,

C2C Martha McSally

    0-0 (dnp)*  

Capt Jim Hogue

2Lt Susan Bier



RM 1985-1986

C1C Cynthia Durham,

C1C Nancy Fakult,

C2C Nicole Berry

9-3   3-1 (1st-T) 3-2 (5th)

Maj Kelly Kemp,

Capt Jim Hogue


3-0 (1st)

RM 1984-1985

C1C Troy Devine,

C2C Cindy Durham

2-2-1 1-0 1-2-1 (2nd) ---

Capt Kelly Kemp

RM 1983-1984

C1C Carol Davis,

C2C Troy Devine

5-4-1 2-2 2-0 (1st) 1-2-1 (7th)

Capt Kelly Kemp


Please note that the Women's Water Polo Competitive Club started in the Spring of 1983 after NCAA Division II Swimming Championships, when the student-athletes were ready to transition from swimming to other sports, then formed it's first charter/membership in USA Water Polo/Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA) for 1983-1984 Season. For those first few years the Women's Club was definitely a pace setter as they earned the right to compete in two of the first three National Collegiate Club Championships (NCCCs) as well as becoming the first USAFA Women's Team, Collegiate or Club, in winning a National Championship. As a point of reference, each of these team honors were instrumental in adding to then Capt Kemp's Head Swim Coaching accomplishments with his selection as the State of Colorado's Women's Coach of the Year award for 1985. Bold font shown in the Championship Columns above note Banners for those Years as Finalists or Champions, and Top Placing at NCCCs.


Also, note that Men's Water Polo Competitive Club was the predecessor of the USAFA Men's Varsity program, first appearance FALL 1971 (1971-1972 Season) which continues to this day. What we do know of the initial Men's Club Team is shown below:

RM 1970-1971

C1Cs Bruce Fisher,

C1C Bryan Rye

14-9 8-7 (4-3) 2-2 (3rd) NA

Capt James Marett,

Maj Ed Osborne


4-0 (1st)

RM 1969-1970           Capt James Marett  
RM 1968-1969           Capt James Marett  
  1967-1968 C1C Tim Heublein,         Capt James Marett


3-1 (2nd)


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