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   "kai" means "ocean"

in Hawaiian




RUGGER children's games (limited inventory RugBallGames)

  • KAI~Sports is offering some "one-of-a-kind" Sports-Toys & Games from a now-out-of-business company known as "Dawn, Incorporated," which unfortunately had to close its manufacturing/ wholesale operation after struggling for six years after 9-11 and subsequent slow down of our economy. The Kemp Family, from their retail business "KFAM Studio," doing business as "Kemp Family Studio," has continued to possess a small inventory of these products, and is willing to sell them upon a mail-in request accompanied by the cost of the product, appropriate state sales taxes and shipping (in your preferred method). Check out the link above to access views and descriptions of these products.

GameRunner, GameScorer and GameTracker (coaches' quick use data sheets)(link not  provided due to lack of interest)

  • This section was in work but has been discontinued. It featured KFAM Studio products that were handy to use in Aquatic Sports. Refer back to this section only if you have an interest -- in fact, email to make your interest known. Products are available in PDF or softcopy, for a small fee. Thanks in advance for your visit! Sorry your need is late to our service.



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