2009 California-Hawai'i



High School Age Paddlers

(Alphabetical, by first name)

First Team Boys


First Team Girls

Alex Kojima   Alexi Ivans
Alex Fortis   Brooke Roy
Bryce Miller   Jessica Rodgers
Jake Miller   Kallie Hancock
Sean Aizpuru-Bartlett   Kui Adric
Chris Fong   Kylie Petty
Brendan Bradley   Nina Bartlett
Noa Ginella   Sarah Schenker
Holden Takahashi   Tahnei Roy
CJ Owens   Tehani Gangini

Honorable Mention Boys


Honorable Mention Girls

Charley Feldman   Annie Grove
Currie Ritchie   Cathy Hutchins
Jake Edelstein   Emily Erickson
John Ginella   Indigo Monk
Kevin Johns   Isabella Walker
Marco Polombo   Lauren Hagedorn
Matthew Cheape   Meghan Weaver
Mitch Dwyer   Morgan Hayes
Trevor Leon   Richelle Miller
Trevor Tarte   Vaitiare Marr-Foster

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