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Sprint Outrigger Paddle 2011 Endurance Outrigger Paddle


previous Outrigger Canoe Racing award winners:

Sprint 2010 Endurance

Sprint 2009 Endurance

Sprint 2008 Endurance

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This selection ESTABLISHED in the year 2008 and DISCONTINUED due to lack of response.

Special Note: KAI~Sports coordinators assimilate most of our data by "pulling" it out of sources such as those sponsored by cities and municipalities -- so if the data is entered incorrectly from the start, then we are genuinely sorry, and will fix it immediately should you notice. Just send an email request to kaipolo@gmail.com with the recommended fix. Please note that this applies to name spellings, class years, schools, towns, etc. Additionally, KAI~Sports is most appreciative of those "pushing" information from their events, which greatly contribute to the overall order of merit.

By now, interested aquatic enthusiasts have done a "deep dive" into the years and paddle racing events we have been able to access data to support; sometimes there is a lack of data for specific events for certain years. Should you discover that your outrigger canoe finished in a top place for a previous year and would like consideration for a KAI~Sports award, you may send us an email with your name and either a PDF of official results or a link to the events' results page.

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