2014 California-Hawai'i



High School Age Surfers

(Alphabetical, by first name)

First Team Boys


First Team Girls

Brendon Harrison   Fiona Schmidt
Daniel Burns   Gabriella Shamborg
Jack Louis Hayward   Isabella Schmidt
Jack McCloskey   Julia Silvestri
Liam McCloskey   Lauren Schmidt
Tyler Sande   Nicole Collins
Wyatt Bates    

Honorable Mention Boys


Honorable Mention Girls

Blake Bassham   Alicia Zachau
Colby Livingston   Anneliese Rogers
Danny Robinson   Cindy Cai
Dylan Biggerstaff   Hannah Caskey
Griffin Arnold   Jennifer Schlidge
Jacob Kress   Kate Cunningham
Joe Nickerson   Kendall Aldridge
Jonathan Foster   Lauren Schlick
Kaka Diaz   Samantha Yeager
Kamali'i Boi   Vivienne Kerley
Nate Madole    
Paul Grieumard    
Pono Garlassa    

Up & coming Watch List


Up & coming Watch List

Jack O'Rourke   Ava Pepe
Rielly Gillum   Ella Estabrooke
Taylor Char    

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Posted May 2015, Green denotes added Hawai'i Bodysurfing Assoc. Point Panic, 2014

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