2018 California-Hawai'i



High School Age Surfers

(Alphabetical, by first name)

First Team Boys


First Team Girls

Cruz Kerley   Camryn Delaney
Daniel Thurmond   Chloe Osborn
Ezra Moore   Ella Jensen
Fisher Geary   Fiona Schmidt
Jackson Giek   Kayla Rhodes
Joe Nickerson   Natalie Swank

Honorable Mention Boys


Honorable Mention Girls

Alexander Reed   Bridget Angelovic
Bryce Davis   Emily Carter
Buck Heinemann   Hannah DeSoto
Cayden Durrett   Hannah Taylor
Dane Howell   Katelyn Parker
Evan Maxwell   Kirra Krage
Graham Cope   Kirra Robusto
Jonas Moore   Lauren Schmidt
Kevin Boyle    Leigh Lyter
Leo Boyle   Maddy Giek
Toby Bumgardner   Megan Slovatizki
Tommy Kelly   Miko Baron
Trent DeLeeuw   Olivia Lane
Tucker Massura   Rylee Sheets
Wyatt Wood   Samantha Weinstein

Up & coming Watch List


Up & coming Watch List

Jack Wright   Ava Pepe
Mason Merritt   Dylan Read

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03 September 2018 -- happy Labor Day!

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